Snapchum tracks statistics of thousands of Pinterest users

About PinAuthority

PinAuthority is a self funded startup based in Gurgaon, India. PinAuthority has been started with the vision of becoming the first and largest analytics tool for Pinterest. PinAuthority aims to help users and brand managers measure their influence on Pinterest. PinAuthority provides widgets to show off your Pinterest followers count on your website and blogs. Finally PinAuthority helps users to get more Pinterest users be promoting your profile on the homepage.

PinAuthority provides statistics of Pinterest usage and tracks thousands of users and counting. Every day it generates statistical data for thousands of Pinterest users.

What do we track

PinAuthority may use cookies to collect and display data about your PinAuthority account when you visit third-party websites with The Visitor Widget installed. To disable this functionality you can log out of PinAuthority. For more information please review our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.


We are a self funded startup based in Guragon (India) and would love to hear from our users. Let us know how you feel about PinAuthority and what extra features or improvements you would like to see.

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